Whispers of devils:

  • 4:119An-Nisa | Women, 119

    "I will misguide them and make them desire, and I will command them, so that they will mark the ears of the livestock, and I will command them so they will make change to God's creation." Whoever takes the devil as a supporter other than God, then he has indeed lost a great loss.

  • 7:201Al-A'raf | The Elevated Place, 201

    Those who are aware, when a visit from the devil touches them, they remember; soon they are seers.

  • 41:36Fussilat | Explained In Detail, 36

    If the devil misleads you in anything, then you shall seek refuge with God. He is the Hearer, the Knowledgeable.

  • 113:1Al-Falaq | The Daybreak, 1

    Say, "I seek refuge in the Lord of the dawn,"

  • 113:2Al-Falaq | The Daybreak, 2

    "From the evil of what He has created,"

  • 113:3Al-Falaq | The Daybreak, 3

    "From the evil of darkness as it falls,"

  • 113:4Al-Falaq | The Daybreak, 4

    "From the evil of those who whisper into the contracts and affairs,"

  • 113:5Al-Falaq | The Daybreak, 5

    "From the evil of the envious when they envy."

  • 114:1An-Nas | The Mankind, 1

    Say, "I seek refuge in the Lord of the people,"

  • 114:2An-Nas | The Mankind, 2

    "The King of the people,"

  • 114:3An-Nas | The Mankind, 3

    "The god of people,"

  • 114:4An-Nas | The Mankind, 4

    "From the evil of the sneaky whisperer,"

  • 114:5An-Nas | The Mankind, 5

    "Who whispers into the chests of the people,"

  • 114:6An-Nas | The Mankind, 6

    "From among the Jinn and people."

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