The scales of justice will be establised on the Day of Resurrection:

  • 2:272Al-Baqarah | The Cow, 272

    You are not responsible for their guidance, but it is God who will guide whomever He wishes. Whatever you spend out of goodness is for yourselves. Anything you spend should be in seeking God's presence. Whatever you spend out of goodness will be retuned to you, and you will not be wronged.

  • 2:281Al-Baqarah | The Cow, 281

    Be conscientious of a day when you will be returned to God then every person will be paid what it has earned, they will not be wronged.

  • 3:25Ali 'Imran | The Family Of Imran, 25

    How shall it be when We gather them on the day in which there is no doubt; every person shall receive what it has earned, and they will not be wronged.

  • 3:195Ali 'Imran | The Family Of Imran, 195

    Their Lord answered them: "I do not waste the work of any worker from among you, be you male or female, you are all as each other. For those who emigrated and were driven-out from their homes and were harmed in My cause, and they fought and were killed, I will remit for them their sins and admit them to paradises with rivers flowing beneath; a reward from God; and God has the best reward."

  • 4:40An-Nisa | Women, 40

    Indeed, God does not wrong an atom's weight; and if it is good He will double it. He grants from Himself a great reward.

  • 4:85An-Nisa | Women, 85

    Whoever intercedes with a good intercession, he will have a reward of it; and whoever intercedes with an evil intercession, he will receive a share of it. God has control over all things.

  • 4:123An-Nisa | Women, 123

    It will be neither by what you desire, nor by what the people of the book desire. Whoever works evil, he will be paid by it; and he will not find for himself besides God any supporter or victor.

  • 6:160Al-An'am | The Cattle, 160

    Whoever comes with a good deed, he will receive ten times its worth, and whoever comes with a sin, he will only be recompensed its like; they will not be wronged.

  • 7:8Al-A'raf | The Elevated Place, 8

    The scales on that day will be the truth. Whoever has heavy scales, these are the successful ones.

  • 7:9Al-A'raf | The Elevated Place, 9

    Whoever has light scales, these are the ones who lost themselves for they wrongfully treated Our signs.

  • 10:27Yunus | Jonah, 27

    As for those who earn evil, the recompense of evil will be evil like it, and they will be humiliated. They do not have any besides God as a protector. It is as if their faces have been covered by a piece of darkness from the night. These are the people of the fire, in it they will abide.

  • 10:54Yunus | Jonah, 54

    If every person that wronged had possessed all that is on earth, it would have attempted to ransom it. They declared their regret when they saw the retribution, and it was judged between them with fairness. They are not wronged.

  • 15:43Al-Hijr | The Rocky Tract, 43

    "Hell, shall be the appointed place for them all."

  • 15:44Al-Hijr | The Rocky Tract, 44

    "It has seven gates, for every gate will be an assigned segment from them."

  • 16:97An-Nahl | The Bee , 97

    Whoever does good work, be he male or female, and is an acknowledger, We will give him a good life and We will reward them their dues with the best of what they used to do.

  • 17:71Al-Isra | The Night Journey, 71

    The day We call every people by their record. Then, whoever are given their book by their right, they will read their book, and they will not be wronged in the least.

  • 18:49Al-Kahf | The Cave, 49

    The book was displayed, so you see the criminals fearful of what is in it. They say, "Woe to us!, what is wrong with this book that it does not leave out any-thing small or large except that it has counted it." They found what they had done present. Your Lord does not wrong anyone.

  • 19:60Maryam | Mary, 60

    Except for whoever repents and acknowledges and does good work; they will be admitted to paradise, and they will not be wronged in the least.

  • 20:112Taha | Ta-Ha, 112

    Whoever does any good works, while he is an acknowledger, then he should not fear injustice nor being given less than his due.

  • 21:47Al-Anbya | The Prophets, 47

    We will place the scales of justice for the day of Resurrection, so that no person will be wronged in the least. Even if it was the weight of a mustard seed, We will bring it. We are sufficient as a Reckoner.

  • 23:62Al-Mu'minun | The Believers, 62

    We do not burden a person except with what it can bear. We have a record that speaks with the truth, they will not be wronged.

  • 23:101Al-Mu'minun | The Believers, 101

    So when the horn is blown, then there will be no kinship between them on that day, nor will they ask for one another.

  • 23:102Al-Mu'minun | The Believers, 102

    So, those whose weight is heavy on the scales, then those are the successful ones.

  • 23:103Al-Mu'minun | The Believers, 103

    Those whose weight is light on the scales, those are the ones who lost themselves, in hell they will abide.

  • 27:89An-Naml | The Ant, 89

    Whoever comes with a good deed will receive better than it, and from the terror of that day they will be safe.

  • 28:84 Al-Mu'minun | The Stories, 84

    Whoever brings forth a good deed, he will receive a better reward. Whoever brings forth a sin then the retribution for their sins will be to the extent of their deeds.

  • 31:16Luqman | Luqman, 16

    "O my son, God will bring out anything, be it as small as a mustard seed, be it deep inside a rock, or be it in the heavens or the earth, God will bring it. God is Sublime, Ever-aware."

  • 36:54Ya-Sin | Ya Sin, 54

    On this day, no person will be wronged in the least. You will be recompensed precisely for whatever you did.

  • 37:38As-Saffat | Those Who Set The Ranks, 38

    You will taste the greatest of retribution.

  • 37:39As-Saffat | Those Who Set The Ranks, 39

    You are only recompensed for what you have done.

  • 40:17Ghafir | The Forgiver, 17

    Today, every person will be recompensed for what it had earned. There will be no injustice today. Truly, God is swift in reckoning.

  • 40:40Ghafir | The Forgiver, 40

    "Whosoever does an evil deed, he will not be requited except for its equivalent, and whosoever does good, whether male or female and is an acknowledger, so those will be admitted to Paradise, where they will receive provision without limit."

  • 45:22Al-jathiyah | The Crouching, 22

    God created the heavens and the earth with truth, and so that every person may be recompensed for whatever he/she earned, and they will not be wronged.

  • 46:19Al-Ahqaf | The Wind-Curved Sandhills, 19

    To each will be degrees according to what they did; He will recompense them and they will not be wronged.

  • 50:28Qaf | The Letter "QAF", 28

    He said, "Do not argue with each other before Me, I have already presented you with My promise."

  • 50:29Qaf | The Letter "QAF", 29

    "The sentence will not be changed with Me, and I do not wrong the servants."

  • 52:21At-Tur | The Mount, 21

    Those who acknowledged, and their progeny also followed them in acknowl-edgement; We will have their progeny join them. We never fail to reward them for any work. Every person is paid for what he did.

  • 72:13Al-Jinn | The Jinn, 13

    "When we heard the guidance, we acknowledged it. So whoever acknowledges his Lord, then he will not fear a decrease in reward, nor a burdensome punishment."

  • 99:7Az-Zalzalah | The Earthquake, 7

    So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it.

  • 99:8Az-Zalzalah | The Earthquake, 8

    Whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it.

  • 101:6Al-Qari'ah | The Calamity, 6

    As for him whose weights are heavy.

  • 101:7Al-Qari'ah | The Calamity, 7

    He will be in a happy life.

  • 101:8Al-Qari'ah | The Calamity, 8

    As for him whose weights are light.

  • 101:9Al-Qari'ah | The Calamity, 9

    His destiny is the lowest.

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