Faces of the people of paradises on the day of Resurrection:

  • 10:26Yunus | Jonah, 26

    For those who do good work will be good and more, and their faces will not be darkened or humiliated. These are the people of paradise, in it they will abide.

  • 75:22Al-Qiyamah | The Resurrection, 22

    Faces on that day will be shining.

  • 75:23Al-Qiyamah | The Resurrection, 23

    Looking at their Lord.

  • 80:38Abasa | He Frowned, 38

    On that day are faces which are openly displayed.

  • 80:39Abasa | He Frowned, 39

    Laughing and seeking good news.

  • 83:24Al-Mutaffifin | The Defrauding, 24

    You know in their faces the look of Paradise.

  • 88:8Al-Ghashiyah | The Overwhelming, 8

    Faces on that day are joyful.

  • 88:9Al-Ghashiyah | The Overwhelming, 9

    For their pursuit they are content.

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