The Gracious :

  • 59:23Al-Hashr | The Exile, 23

    He is God; there is no other god beside Him. The King, the Holy, the Peace, the Trusted, the Supreme, the Noble, the Powerful, the Dignified. God be glorified; far above what they set up.

  • 3:173Ali 'Imran | The Family Of Imran, 173

    The ones who the people said to them: "The people have gathered against you, so be fearful of them," but it only increased their acknowledgement and they said, "God is enough for us, and He is the best defender."

  • 21:42Al-Anbya | The Prophets, 42

    Say, "Who can protect you during the night and the day from the Gracious?" No, they are turning away from the remembrance of their Lord.

  • 7:196Al-A'raf | The Elevated Place, 196

    "My supporter is God who sent down the book; and He takes care of the good-doers."

  • 23:88Al-Mu'minun | The Believers, 88

    Say, "In whose hand is the sovereignty of all things, and He protects while there is no protector against Him, if you know?"

  • 23:97Al-Mu'minun | The Believers, 97

    Say, "My Lord, I seek refuge with you from the whispers of the devils."

  • 23:98Al-Mu'minun | The Believers, 98

    "I seek refuge with you O Lord that they should come near."

  • 40:8Ghafir | The Forgiver, 8

    "Our Lord, and admit them into the gardens of Eden which You had promised for them and for those who did good of their fathers, their spouses, and their progeny. You are the Noble, the Wise."

  • 40:9Ghafir | The Forgiver, 9

    "Save them from the sins. Whomever You save from the sins, on that day, You have treated him with compassion. That is the greatest triumph."

  • 76:8Al-Insan | The Man, 8

    They give food out of love to the poor and the orphan and the captive.

  • 76:9Al-Insan | The Man, 9

    "We only feed you for the sake of God; we do not desire from you any reward or thanks."

  • 76:10Al-Insan | The Man, 10

    "We fear from our Lord a day, which will be horrible and difficult."

  • 76:11Al-Insan | The Man, 11

    So God shielded them from the evil of that day, and He cast towards them a look and a smile.

  • 4:83An-Nisa | Women, 83

    If any matter regarding security, or fear, comes to them they make it publicly known, but if they had referred it to the messenger and to those entrusted from them then it would have been known by those who studied it from them. Had it not been for God's grace upon you and His mercy, you would have followed the devil, except for a few.

  • 4:113An-Nisa | Women, 113

    Had it not been for God's favor upon you and His mercy, when a group of them were insistent on misguiding you; they would not have misguided except themselves, nor would they harm you in anything. God has sent down to you the book and the wisdom, and He has taught you what you did not know. God's grace upon you is great.

  • 6:16Al-An'am | The Cattle, 16

    Whoever He spares from it, then He had treated him with mercy; and that is the obvious success.

  • 7:52Al-A'raf | The Elevated Place, 52

    We have brought them a book which We have detailed with knowledge; a guide and a mercy to those who acknowledge.

  • 7:156Al-A'raf | The Elevated Place, 156

    "Decree for us good in this world, and in the Hereafter; we have been guided to-wards You." He said, "I will afflict with My punishment whom I chose, but My mercy encompasses all things. I will thus decree it for those who are aware and contribute towards betterment, and those who acknowledge Our signs."*

  • 9:99At-Tawbah | Repentance, 99

    From the Arabs there is he who acknowledges God and the Last day, and considers his spending as a means to-wards God, and the support of the messenger. It indeed makes them closer. God will admit them in His mercy; God is Forgiving, Compassionate.

  • 10:84Yunus | Jonah, 84

    Moses said, "O my people, if you acknowledge God, then put your trust in Him if you have peacefully surrendered."

  • 10:85Yunus | Jonah, 85

    They said, "In God we put our trust. Our Lord, do not make us a test for the wicked people."

  • 10:86Yunus | Jonah, 86

    "Save us by Your mercy from the rejecting people."

  • 11:58Hud | Hud, 58

    When Our command came, We saved Hood and those who acknowledged with him by a mercy from Us, and We saved them from a harsh retribution.

  • 19:2Maryam | Mary, 2

    A reminder of your Lord's mercy to His servant Zachariah.

  • 19:3Maryam | Mary, 3

    When he called out to his Lord secretly.

  • 19:4Maryam | Mary, 4

    He said, "My Lord, my bones have gone frail, and my hair has turned white, and I have never been mischievous in calling to You my Lord."

  • 19:5Maryam | Mary, 5

    "I fear the kinfolk after I am gone, and my wife is infertile, so grant me from Yourself an ally."

  • 19:6Maryam | Mary, 6

    "To inherit from me, and inherit from the descendants of Jacob. Make him, my Lord, well pleasing."

  • 19:7Maryam | Mary, 7

    "O Zachariah, We give you glad tidings of a son whose name/attribute is Yahya (John). We have not used that name/attribute for anyone before."

  • 39:53Az-Zumar | The Troops, 53

    Say, "O My servants who transgressed against themselves, do not despair of God's mercy. For God forgives all sins. He is the Forgiver, the Compassionate."

  • 42:28Ash-Shuraa | The Consultation, 28

    He is the One who sends down the rain after they had despaired, and spreads His mercy. He is the Supporter, the Praiseworthy.

  • 28:73 Al-Mu'minun | The Stories, 73

    From His mercy is that He created for you the night and the day, in order to rest in it, and that you may seek of His provisions. Perhaps you may be appreciative.

  • 1:1Al-Fatihah | The Opening , 1

    In the name of God, the Gracious, the Compassionate.

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