Those who acknowledge call towards goodness:

  • 5:45Al-Ma'idah | The Food , 45

    We have decreed for them in it that a life for a life, and an eye for an eye, and a nose for a nose, and an ear for an ear, and a tooth for a tooth, and wounds to be similar; and whoever remits anything of it, then it will cancel sins for him. Who-ever does not judge by what God has sent down, then these are the wicked.

  • 13:22Ar-Ra'd | The Thunder, 22

    Those who are patient seeking their Lord's direction; and they hold the contact prayer, and they spend from what We bestowed upon them secretly and openly, and they counter sin with good; these will have an excellent abode.

  • 16:126An-Nahl | The Bee , 126

    If you penalize, then punish with an equivalent punishment inflicted on you. If you show patience then it is better for the patient ones.

  • 23:96Al-Mu'minun | The Believers, 96

    Repel evil with what is better. We are better aware of what they describe.

  • 25:63Al-Furqan | The Criterian, 63

    The servants of the Gracious who walk on the earth in humility and if the ignorant speak to them, they say, "Peace."

  • 41:34Fussilat | Explained In Detail, 34

    Not equal are the good and the bad response. You shall resort to the one which is better. Thus, the one who used to be your enemy may become your best friend.

  • 41:35Fussilat | Explained In Detail, 35

    None can attain this except those who are patient. None can attain this except those who are extremely fortunate.

  • 42:40Ash-Shuraa | The Consultation, 40

    The recompense for a crime shall be its equivalence, but whoever forgives and makes right, then his reward is upon God. He does not like the wrongdoers.

  • 42:41Ash-Shuraa | The Consultation, 41

    For any who demand action after being wronged, those are not committing any error.

  • 42:42Ash-Shuraa | The Consultation, 42

    The error is upon those who oppress the people, and they aggress in the land without cause. For these will be a painful retribution.

  • 42:43Ash-Shuraa | The Consultation, 43

    As for the patient and forgiving, that is an indication of strength.

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