God is not pleased with whom?

  • 2:190Al-Baqarah | The Cow, 190

    Fight in the cause of God against those who fight you, but do not transgress, God does not like the aggressors.*

  • 2:205Al-Baqarah | The Cow, 205

    If he gains power, he seeks to corrupt the earth and destroy its crops, and people's lineage. God does not like corruption.

  • 2:276Al-Baqarah | The Cow, 276

    God wipes out the usury and grants growth to the charities. God does not like any ingrate sinner.

  • 3:32Ali 'Imran | The Family Of Imran, 32

    Say, "Obey God and the messenger." But if they turn away, then God does not like the ingrates.

  • 3:57Ali 'Imran | The Family Of Imran, 57

    "As for those who acknowledged and did good works, We will pay them their reward; God does not like the wicked."

  • 4:36An-Nisa | Women, 36

    Serve God and do not set up anything with Him, and be kind to the parents, and the relatives, and the needy, and the neighbor who is of kin, and the neighbor next door, and close friend, and the traveler, and those with whom you have contractual rights. God does not like the arrogant, the boastful.

  • 4:107An-Nisa | Women, 107

    Do not argue on behalf of those who betray themselves. God does not like those who are betrayers, sinners.

  • 4:148An-Nisa | Women, 148

    God does not like that any negative sayings be publicized, except if one is wronged. God is Hearer, Knowledgeable.

  • 5:87Al-Ma'idah | The Food , 87

    O you who acknowledge, do not forbid the good things that God has made lawful to you, and do not transgress; God does not like the transgressors.

  • 6:141Al-An'am | The Cattle, 141

    He is the One Who initiated gardens; both trellised and untrellised; palm trees, and plants, all with different tastes; and olives and pomegranates, similar and not similar. Eat from its fruit when it blossoms and give its due on the day of har-vest; and do not waste. He does not like the wasteful.

  • 8:58Al-Anfal | The Spoils Of War, 58

    If you are being betrayed by a people, then you shall likewise move against them. God does not like the betrayers.

  • 16:23An-Nahl | The Bee , 23

    Certainly, God knows what they hide and what they declare. He does not like the arrogant.

  • 28:76 Al-Mu'minun | The Stories, 76

    Qarun was from among Moses' people, but he betrayed them. We gave him such treasures that the keys thereof were almost too heavy for the strongest per-son. His people said to him: "Do not enjoy, for God does not like hedonists."

  • 40:28Ghafir | The Forgiver, 28

    An acknowledging man from among Pharaoh's people, who had concealed his acknowledgement, said, "Will you kill a man simply for saying: ‘My Lord is God', and he has come to you with proofs from your Lord? If he is a liar, then his lie will be upon him, and if he is truthful, then some of what he is promising you will afflict you. Surely, God does not guide any transgressor, liar."

  • 42:40Ash-Shuraa | The Consultation, 40

    The recompense for a crime shall be its equivalence, but whoever forgives and makes right, then his reward is upon God. He does not like the wrongdoers.

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