For those who acknowledge; to each will be degrees according to what they did:

  • 20:75Taha | Ta-Ha, 75

    He who comes to Him as an acknowledger doing good works, for those will be the highest ranks.

  • 17:79Al-Isra | The Night Journey, 79

    From the night you shall reflect upon it additionally for yourself, perhaps your Lord would grant you to a high rank.

  • 19:56Maryam | Mary, 56

    Recall in the book Enoch; he was truthful, a prophet.

  • 19:57Maryam | Mary, 57

    We raised him to a high place.

  • 8:3Al-Anfal | The Spoils Of War, 3

    They hold the contact prayer, and from Our provisions to them they spend.

  • 8:4Al-Anfal | The Spoils Of War, 4

    These are the true acknowledgers; they will have ranks at their Lord, forgiveness, and a generous provision.

  • 34:37Saba | Sheba, 37

    It is not your money or your children that will bring you closer to Us, but only those who acknowledge and do good work, they will receive double the reward for their works, and they will reside in the high dwellings in peace.

  • 54:54Al-Qamar | The Moon, 54

    The righteous will be in paradises and rivers.

  • 54:55Al-Qamar | The Moon, 55

    In a position of honor, at an Omnipotent King.

  • 4:95An-Nisa | Women, 95

    Except the disabled, not equal are those who stayed behind from those who ac-knowledge with those who strived in the cause of God with their money and lives. God has preferred those who strive with their money and lives over those who stayed behind by a grade; and to both God has promised goodness; and God has preferred the strivers to those who stay by a great reward.

  • 2:148Al-Baqarah | The Cow, 148

    To each is a direction that he will take, so you shall race towards good deeds. Wherever you may be, God will bring you all together. God is capable of all things.

  • 3:162Ali 'Imran | The Family Of Imran, 162

    Is one who follows the pleasure of God, as one who draws the wrath of God and whose abode is hell? What a miserable destiny!

  • 3:163Ali 'Imran | The Family Of Imran, 163

    They are in degrees with God, and God is seer of what they do.

  • 4:96An-Nisa | Women, 96

    Grades from Him, forgiveness, and a mercy. God is Forgiving, Compassionate.

  • 9:19At-Tawbah | Repentance, 19

    Have you made serving drink to the pilgrims and the maintenance of the Restricted Temple the same as one who acknowledges God and the Last day, who strives in the cause of God? They are not the same with God. God does not guide the wicked people.

  • 9:20At-Tawbah | Repentance, 20

    Those who acknowledged, emigrated, strived in the cause of God with their wealth and their lives are in a greater degree with God. These are the winners.

  • 9:21At-Tawbah | Repentance, 21

    Their Lord gives them good news of a Mercy from Him, acceptance, and gardens that are for them in which there is permanent bliss.

  • 9:22At-Tawbah | Repentance, 22

    They will abide in it eternally. God has a great reward.

  • 17:21Al-Isra | The Night Journey, 21

    See how We have preferred some of them over the others; and in the Hereafter are greater levels, and greater preference.

  • 21:90Al-Anbya | The Prophets, 90

    So We responded to him, and We granted him John, and We cured his wife. They used to hasten to do good, and they would call to Us in joy and in fear. To Us they were reverent.

  • 23:60Al-Mu'minun | The Believers, 60

    They give of what they were given, and their hearts are full of reverence that they will return to their Lord.

  • 23:61Al-Mu'minun | The Believers, 61

    These are the ones who race in doing good, and they are the first to it.

  • 46:19Al-Ahqaf | The Wind-Curved Sandhills, 19

    To each will be degrees according to what they did; He will recompense them and they will not be wronged.

  • 55:46Ar-Rahman | The Beneficient, 46

    For he who reverenced the majesty of his Lord, will be two paradises.

  • 55:62Ar-Rahman | The Beneficient, 62

    Besides these will be two other paradises.

  • 56:7Al-Waqi'ah | The Inevitable, 7

    You will be in three groupings.

  • 56:8Al-Waqi'ah | The Inevitable, 8

    So those on the right; who will be from those on the right?

  • 56:9Al-Waqi'ah | The Inevitable, 9

    Those on the left; who will be from those on the left?

  • 56:10Al-Waqi'ah | The Inevitable, 10

    Those foremost; who will be from those foremost?

  • 56:11Al-Waqi'ah | The Inevitable, 11

    They will be the ones who are brought near.

  • 56:12Al-Waqi'ah | The Inevitable, 12

    In the paradises of bliss.

  • 56:13Al-Waqi'ah | The Inevitable, 13

    Many from the first generations.

  • 56:14Al-Waqi'ah | The Inevitable, 14

    A few from the later generations.

  • 56:88Al-Waqi'ah | The Inevitable, 88

    So, if he is one of those who are made near.

  • 56:89Al-Waqi'ah | The Inevitable, 89

    Then joy, and rose buds, and paradises of bliss.

  • 56:90Al-Waqi'ah | The Inevitable, 90

    If he is one of the people of the right.

  • 58:11Al-Mujadila | The Pleading Woman, 11

    O you who acknowledge, if you are told to make room in the councils, then you shall make room. God will then make room for you. If you are asked to step down, then step down. God will raise those among you who acknowledge, and those who acquire knowledge to higher ranks. God is fully aware of everything you do.

  • 69:19Al-Haqqah | The Reality, 19

    As for the one who is given his record in his right, he will say, "Here, come and read my record!"

  • 69:20Al-Haqqah | The Reality, 20

    "I knew that I was going to be held accountable."

  • 69:21Al-Haqqah | The Reality, 21

    So he shall be in a life, well-pleasing.

  • 69:22Al-Haqqah | The Reality, 22

    In a lofty Paradise.

  • 69:23Al-Haqqah | The Reality, 23

    Its fruits are within reach.

  • 69:24Al-Haqqah | The Reality, 24

    "Eat and drink merrily in return for your works in days past."

  • 79:4An-Nazi'at | Those Who Drag Forth, 4

    Those that press forward in a race.

  • 79:5An-Nazi'at | Those Who Drag Forth, 5

    So as to carry out a command.

  • 83:19Al-Mutaffifin | The Defrauding, 19

    Do you know what Elliyeen is?

  • 83:20Al-Mutaffifin | The Defrauding, 20

    A numbered record.

  • 83:21Al-Mutaffifin | The Defrauding, 21

    To be witnessed by those brought near.

  • 83:22Al-Mutaffifin | The Defrauding, 22

    The pious are in Paradise.

  • 83:23Al-Mutaffifin | The Defrauding, 23

    Upon luxurious furnishings, observing.

  • 83:24Al-Mutaffifin | The Defrauding, 24

    You know in their faces the look of Paradise.

  • 83:25Al-Mutaffifin | The Defrauding, 25

    They are given drink from a pure sealed vial.

  • 83:26Al-Mutaffifin | The Defrauding, 26

    Its seal will be of musk, so in that let those who are in competition compete.

  • 83:27Al-Mutaffifin | The Defrauding, 27

    Its taste will be special.

  • 83:28Al-Mutaffifin | The Defrauding, 28

    A spring from which those who are brought near will drink.

  • 88:8Al-Ghashiyah | The Overwhelming, 8

    Faces on that day are joyful.

  • 88:9Al-Ghashiyah | The Overwhelming, 9

    For their pursuit they are content.

  • 88:10Al-Ghashiyah | The Overwhelming, 10

    In a high paradise.

  • 28:54 Al-Mu'minun | The Stories, 54

    To these We grant twice the reward for that they have been patient. They counter evil with good, and from Our provisions to them, they give.

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