Who is the deceiver, how he deceives about God?

  • 4:120An-Nisa | Women, 120

    He promises them and makes them desire, but what the devil promises them is only vanity.

  • 6:112Al-An'am | The Cattle, 112

    We have permitted the enemies of every prophet, human and Jinn devils, to inspire in each other fancy words in order to deceive. Had your Lord willed, they would not have done it. You shall disregard them and their fabrications.

  • 7:20Al-A'raf | The Elevated Place, 20

    But the devil whispered to them, to reveal their bodies which was hidden from them; and he said, "Your Lord did not forbid you from this tree except that you would become controllers, or you would be immortals."

  • 7:21Al-A'raf | The Elevated Place, 21

    He swore to them: "I am giving good advice."

  • 7:22Al-A'raf | The Elevated Place, 22

    So he misled them with deception; and when they tasted the tree, their bodies became apparent to them, and they rushed to cover themselves with the leaves of the paradise; and their Lord called to them: "Did I not forbid you from that tree, and tell you that the devil is your clear enemy?"

  • 7:27Al-A'raf | The Elevated Place, 27

    O Children of Adam, do not let the devil afflict you as he evicted your parents from the paradise; removing from them their garments to show them their bodies. He and his tribe see you from where you do not see them. We have made the devils as allies for those who do not acknowledge.

  • 8:48Al-Anfal | The Spoils Of War, 48

    The devil adorned their work for them, and he said, "None from the people can defeat you today, and I am by your side." But when the two forces came together, he turned on his heels to flee and he said, "I am innocent from you! I see what you do not see. I fear God, and God is severe in punishment."

  • 14:22Ibrahim | Abrahim, 22

    The devil said when the matter was complete: "God had promised you the promise of truth, and I promised you and broke my promise. I had no power over you except that I invited you and you responded to me. So do not blame me, but blame yourselves; I cannot help you nor can you help me. I reject that you have set me as a partner before this; the wicked will have a painful retribution."

  • 27:23An-Naml | The Ant, 23

    "I found them owned by a woman, and she was given all possession, and she had a great throne."

  • 27:24An-Naml | The Ant, 24

    "I found her and her people prostrating to the sun instead of God! The devil had made their work appear good to them, so he kept them away from the path, for they are not being guided."

  • 29:38Al-'Ankabut | The Spider, 38

    And Aad and Thamud. Much was made apparent to you from their dwellings. The devil had adorned their works in their eyes, thus he diverted them from the path, even though they could see.

  • 31:33Luqman | Luqman, 33

    O people, you shall reverence your Lord, and fear a day when a father cannot help his own child, nor can a child help his father. Certainly, God's promise is truth. Therefore, do not be deceived by this worldly life; and do not be deceived from God by arrogance.

  • 36:59Ya-Sin | Ya Sin, 59

    "As for you, O criminals, you are singled out."

  • 36:60Ya-Sin | Ya Sin, 60

    "Did I not pledge to you, O Children of Adam, that you should not serve the devil for he is your most ardent enemy?"

  • 36:61Ya-Sin | Ya Sin, 61

    "That you should serve Me? That is a straight path."

  • 36:62Ya-Sin | Ya Sin, 62

    "He has misled mountain loads of you. Did you not possess any understanding?"

  • 36:63Ya-Sin | Ya Sin, 63

    "This is hell that you have been promised!"

  • 41:25Fussilat | Explained In Detail, 25

    We assigned to them companions who adorned their present and past actions. Thus, the retribution has been deserved by them the same as previous na-tions of Jinn and humans; all of them were losers.

  • 43:36Az-Zukhruf | The Ornaments Of Gold, 36

    Whosoever turns away from the remembrance of the Gracious, We appoint a devil to be his constant companion.

  • 43:37Az-Zukhruf | The Ornaments Of Gold, 37

    They hinder from the path, but they think they are guided!

  • 57:14Al-Hadid | The Iron, 14

    They will call upon them: "Were we not with you?" They will reply: "Yes, but you led yourselves into temptation, and you hesitated, and doubted, and became misled by wishful thinking, until God's judgment came. You were diverted from God by arrogance."

  • 114:4An-Nas | The Mankind, 4

    "From the evil of the sneaky whisperer,"

  • 114:5An-Nas | The Mankind, 5

    "Who whispers into the chests of the people,"

  • 114:6An-Nas | The Mankind, 6

    "From among the Jinn and people."

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