1:1. In the name of God, the Gracious, the Compassionate.

God forgives: in what circumstances?

  • 16:119An-Nahl | The Bee , 119

    Yet, your Lord, to those who repent and reform after committing evil out of ignorance, your Lord after that is Forgiving, Compassionate.

  • 2:271Al-Baqarah | The Cow, 271

    If you declare your charity, then it is acceptable; but if you conceal it and give it to the poor, then that is better for you. It depreciates some of your sins; and God is Ever-aware of all that you do.

  • 3:157Ali 'Imran | The Family Of Imran, 157

    If you are killed in the cause of God or die, then forgiveness from God and mercy is far greater than all they can put together.

  • 3:193Ali 'Imran | The Family Of Imran, 193

    "Our Lord, we have heard a caller inviting to the acknowledgement: ‘Acknowledge your Lord,’ so we have acknowledged. Our Lord forgive us our evil deeds and remit our sins, and take us with the obedient ones."

  • 3:194Ali 'Imran | The Family Of Imran, 194

    "Our Lord, and grant us what You have promised through Your messengers, and do not embarrass us on the day of Resurrection. You do not break the promise."

  • 3:195Ali 'Imran | The Family Of Imran, 195

    Their Lord answered them: "I do not waste the work of any worker from among you, be you male or female, you are all as each other. For those who emigrated and were driven-out from their homes and were harmed in My cause, and they fought and were killed, I will remit for them their sins and admit them to paradises with rivers flowing beneath; a reward from God; and God has the best reward."

  • 25:68Al-Furqan | The Criterian, 68

    Those who do not call on any other god with God, nor do they kill the life that God has made forbidden except in justice, nor do they commit adultery; and whosoever does that will receive the punishment.

  • 25:69Al-Furqan | The Criterian, 69

    The retribution will be doubled for him on the day of Judgment and he will abide in it eternally in disgrace.

  • 25:70Al-Furqan | The Criterian, 70

    Except for the one who repents and acknowledges and does good work, for those God will replace their sins with good; God is Forgiving, Compassionate.

  • 61:11As-Saf | The Ranks, 11

    "That you acknowledge God and His messenger and strive in the cause of God with your money and your lives. This is best for you, if only you knew."

  • 61:12As-Saf | The Ranks, 12

    He will then forgive your sins, and admit you into paradises with rivers flowing beneath, and beautiful mansions in the gardens of Eden. This is the greatest triumph.

  • 39:33Az-Zumar | The Troops, 33

    Those who came with the truth, and acknowledged it, these are the righteous.

  • 39:34Az-Zumar | The Troops, 34

    They shall have what they wish at their Lord. Such is the reward for the good doers.

  • 39:35Az-Zumar | The Troops, 35

    So that God may cancel for them the worst that they did, and He may recompense them their reward for the best of what they used to do.

  • 8:29Al-Anfal | The Spoils Of War, 29

    O you who acknowledge, if you are aware of God, He will make for you a distinction, and He will cancel your sins and forgive you. God is possessor of great favor.

  • 4:116An-Nisa | Women, 116

    God does not forgive to have partners set up with Him, but He forgives other than that for whom He pleases. Whoever sets up partners with God has indeed strayed a far straying.

  • 4:48An-Nisa | Women, 48

    God does not forgive that partners be set up with Him, and He forgives what is beside that for whom He wills. Whoever sets up partners with God has indeed invented a great sin.

  • 33:70Al-Ahzab | The Combined Forces, 70

    O you who acknowledge, be aware of God and speak only the truth.

  • 33:71Al-Ahzab | The Combined Forces, 71

    He will then direct your works, and forgive your sins. Whosoever obeys God and His messenger has attained a great triumph.

  • 47:2Muhammad | Muhammad, 2

    Those who acknowledge and do good works, and acknowledge what was sent down to Muhammad, for it is the truth from their Lord, He cancels for them their sins, and relieves their concern.

  • 7:153Al-A'raf | The Elevated Place, 153

    As for those who commit sin but then repent afterwards and acknowledge; your Lord afterward is Forgiving, Compassionate.

  • 20:82Taha | Ta-Ha, 82

    I am forgiving for whomever repents and does good work, then is guided.

  • 64:17At-Taghabun | The Mutual Disillusion, 17

    If you lend God a loan of righteousness, He will multiply it for you many fold, and forgive you. God is Appreciative, Compassionate.

  • 47:34Muhammad | Muhammad, 34

    Surely, those who rejected and repelled from the path of God, then they died while still rejecting, God will never forgive them.

  • 8:38Al-Anfal | The Spoils Of War, 38

    Say to the ingrates: "If they cease, then what has passed before will be forgiven to them, and if they return to it, then the example of the previous generations has already been given."

  • 46:31Al-Ahqaf | The Wind-Curved Sandhills, 31

    "O our people, respond to God's caller, and acknowledge Him. He will then forgive your sins, and spare you a painful retribution."

  • 5:12Al-Ma'idah | The Food , 12

    God took the covenant of the Children of Israel and sent from them twelve representatives, and God said, "I am with you if you hold the contact prayer, con-tribute towards betterment, acknowledge My messengers, support them, and give God a loan of righteousness; then I will cancel your sins and admit you into gardens with rivers flowing beneath." Whoever rejects after this from you, then he has strayed from the path.

  • 4:64An-Nisa | Women, 64

    We do not send a messenger except to be obeyed by God's leave. Had they come to you when they had wronged themselves and sought God's forgiveness, and the messenger sought forgiveness for them, they would have then found God to be Pardoning, Compassionate.

  • 5:45Al-Ma'idah | The Food , 45

    We have decreed for them in it that a life for a life, and an eye for an eye, and a nose for a nose, and an ear for an ear, and a tooth for a tooth, and wounds to be similar; and whoever remits anything of it, then it will cancel sins for him. Who-ever does not judge by what God has sent down, then these are the wicked.

  • 9:80At-Tawbah | Repentance, 80

    Whether you seek forgiveness for them, or do not seek forgiveness for them. If you seek forgiveness for them sev-enty times, God will not forgive them. That is because they have rejected God and His messenger; and God does not guide the wicked people.

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