1:2. Praise is to God, Lord of the universes.

What does “Lord of the universes” mean?

  • 26:23ASh-Shu'ara | The Poets, 23

    Pharaoh said, "What is the Lord of the universes?"

  • 26:24ASh-Shu'ara | The Poets, 24

    He said, "The Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them, if you are aware."

  • 26:25ASh-Shu'ara | The Poets, 25

    He said to those around him: "Do you hear that?"

  • 26:26ASh-Shu'ara | The Poets, 26

    He said, "Your Lord and the Lord of your forefathers!"

  • 26:27ASh-Shu'ara | The Poets, 27

    He said, "This messenger of yours who has been sent to you is mad!"

  • 26:28ASh-Shu'ara | The Poets, 28

    He said, "The Lord of the east and the west, and what is between them, if you understand."

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