1:2. Praise is to God, Lord of the universes.

Do not revere the people but Me:

  • 2:165Al-Baqarah | The Cow, 165

    Among the people are some who take other than God as equals to Him, they love them as they love God; but those who acknowledge love God more strongly; and when those who were wicked see the retribution, they will see that all power belongs to God, and that God is severe in retribution.*

  • 6:1Al-An'am | The Cattle, 1

    Praise be to God who created the heavens and the earth, and Who made dark-ness and light. Yet those who have been unappreciative of their Lord continue to deviate.

  • 26:94ASh-Shu'ara | The Poets, 94

    So they were thrown in it on their faces, them and the wrongdoers.

  • 26:95ASh-Shu'ara | The Poets, 95

    As well as all the soldiers of Satan.

  • 26:96ASh-Shu'ara | The Poets, 96

    They said, while they were disputing therein:

  • 26:97ASh-Shu'ara | The Poets, 97

    "By God, we were clearly misguided."

  • 26:98ASh-Shu'ara | The Poets, 98

    "For we equated you with the Lord of the Worlds!"

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