1:2. Praise is to God, Lord of the universes.

Why should we praise God alone?

  • 6:1Al-An'am | The Cattle, 1

    Praise be to God who created the heavens and the earth, and Who made dark-ness and light. Yet those who have been unappreciative of their Lord continue to deviate.

  • 60:6Al-Mumtahanah | She That Is To Be Examined, 6

    Certainly, a good example has been set by them for those who seek God and the Last day. Whosoever turns away, then God is the Rich, the Praiseworthy.

  • 14:1Ibrahim | Abrahim, 1

    A-L-R. A book which We have sent down to you so that you may take the people out of the darkness and into the light, by their Lord's leave, to the path of the Noble, the Praiseworthy.

  • 14:2Ibrahim | Abrahim, 2

    God, to whom belongs all that is in the heavens, and all that is in the earth. Woe to the ingrates from a painful retribution.

  • 27:59An-Naml | The Ant, 59

    Say, "Praise be to God, and peace be upon His servants whom He has selected." Is God better, or what you set up?

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