42:40. The recompense for a crime shall be its equivalence, but whoever forgives and makes right, then his reward is upon God. He does not like the wrongdoers.

What is the reward?

  • 3:136Ali 'Imran | The Family Of Imran, 136

    To these the reward will be forgiveness from their Lord and gardens with rivers flowing underneath, eternally abiding in it. Excellent is the reward of the workers.

  • 3:195Ali 'Imran | The Family Of Imran, 195

    Their Lord answered them: "I do not waste the work of any worker from among you, be you male or female, you are all as each other. For those who emigrated and were driven-out from their homes and were harmed in My cause, and they fought and were killed, I will remit for them their sins and admit them to paradises with rivers flowing beneath; a reward from God; and God has the best reward."

  • 11:108Hud | Hud, 108

    As for those who are fortunate, they will be in paradise; in it they will abide as long as the heavens and earth exist, except for what your Lord wishes, a giving without end.

  • 16:31An-Nahl | The Bee , 31

    The gardens of Eden, which they will enter, with rivers flowing beneath, in it they will have what they wish. It is such that God rewards the righteous.

  • 18:31Al-Kahf | The Cave, 31

    They will have the gardens of Eden with rivers flowing beneath them, and they will be adorned with bracelets of gold and they will wear green garments of fine silk. They will sit in it on raised thrones. Beautiful is the reward, and beautiful is the dwelling place.

  • 20:76Taha | Ta-Ha, 76

    The gardens of Eden with rivers flowing beneath them, abiding therein. Such is the reward of he who is developed.

  • 25:75Al-Furqan | The Criterian, 75

    These will be rewarded with a dwelling for what they have been patient for, and they will find in it a greeting and peace.

  • 76:12Al-Insan | The Man, 12

    He rewarded them for their patience with paradise and silk.

  • 76:13Al-Insan | The Man, 13

    They are reclining in it on raised couches, they do not have in it excessive sun nor bitter cold.

  • 76:14Al-Insan | The Man, 14

    The shade is close upon them, and the fruit is hanging low within reach.

  • 76:15Al-Insan | The Man, 15

    They are served upon with bowls of silver and glasses of crystal.

  • 76:16Al-Insan | The Man, 16

    Crystal laced with silver, measured accordingly.

  • 76:17Al-Insan | The Man, 17

    They are given to drink in it from a cup which has the scent of ginger.

  • 76:18Al-Insan | The Man, 18

    A spring therein which is called 'Salsabeel'.

  • 76:19Al-Insan | The Man, 19

    They are encircled with eternal children. If you see them you will think they are pearls which have been scattered about.

  • 76:20Al-Insan | The Man, 20

    If you look, then you will see a blessing and a great dominion.

  • 76:21Al-Insan | The Man, 21

    They will have garments of fine green silk, necklaces and bracelets from silver, and their Lord will give them a cleansing drink.

  • 76:22Al-Insan | The Man, 22

    "This is the reward for you, and your struggle is appreciated."

  • 98:8Al-Bayyinah | The Clear Proof, 8

    Their reward with their Lord is the gardens of Eden with rivers flowing beneath them; they abide eternally therein. God is satisfied with them, and they are satisfied with Him. That is for whoever feared His Lord.

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