42:40. The recompense for a crime shall be its equivalence, but whoever forgives and makes right, then his reward is upon God. He does not like the wrongdoers.

"Punishment of an evil is a similar kind of evil."- On the Day of Resurrection, the punishment of evil is a similar kind of evil too.

  • 4:85An-Nisa | Women, 85

    Whoever intercedes with a good intercession, he will have a reward of it; and whoever intercedes with an evil intercession, he will receive a share of it. God has control over all things.

  • 4:123An-Nisa | Women, 123

    It will be neither by what you desire, nor by what the people of the book desire. Whoever works evil, he will be paid by it; and he will not find for himself besides God any supporter or victor.

  • 6:160Al-An'am | The Cattle, 160

    Whoever comes with a good deed, he will receive ten times its worth, and whoever comes with a sin, he will only be recompensed its like; they will not be wronged.

  • 10:27Yunus | Jonah, 27

    As for those who earn evil, the recompense of evil will be evil like it, and they will be humiliated. They do not have any besides God as a protector. It is as if their faces have been covered by a piece of darkness from the night. These are the people of the fire, in it they will abide.

  • 21:47Al-Anbya | The Prophets, 47

    We will place the scales of justice for the day of Resurrection, so that no person will be wronged in the least. Even if it was the weight of a mustard seed, We will bring it. We are sufficient as a Reckoner.

  • 28:84 Al-Mu'minun | The Stories, 84

    Whoever brings forth a good deed, he will receive a better reward. Whoever brings forth a sin then the retribution for their sins will be to the extent of their deeds.

  • 36:54Ya-Sin | Ya Sin, 54

    On this day, no person will be wronged in the least. You will be recompensed precisely for whatever you did.

  • 37:37As-Saffat | Those Who Set The Ranks, 37

    No, he has come with the truth and he has confirmed the messengers.

  • 37:38As-Saffat | Those Who Set The Ranks, 38

    You will taste the greatest of retribution.

  • 37:39As-Saffat | Those Who Set The Ranks, 39

    You are only recompensed for what you have done.

  • 40:17Ghafir | The Forgiver, 17

    Today, every person will be recompensed for what it had earned. There will be no injustice today. Truly, God is swift in reckoning.

  • 40:40Ghafir | The Forgiver, 40

    "Whosoever does an evil deed, he will not be requited except for its equivalent, and whosoever does good, whether male or female and is an acknowledger, so those will be admitted to Paradise, where they will receive provision without limit."

  • 41:27Fussilat | Explained In Detail, 27

    We will let those who have rejected taste a severe retribution. We will recompense them for the evil that they used to do.

  • 45:15Al-jathiyah | The Crouching, 15

    Whoever works good does so for himself, and whoever works evil will suffer it. Then to your Lord you will be returned.

  • 46:19Al-Ahqaf | The Wind-Curved Sandhills, 19

    To each will be degrees according to what they did; He will recompense them and they will not be wronged.

  • 50:29Qaf | The Letter "QAF", 29

    "The sentence will not be changed with Me, and I do not wrong the servants."

  • 99:8Az-Zalzalah | The Earthquake, 8

    Whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it.

  • 101:6Al-Qari'ah | The Calamity, 6

    As for him whose weights are heavy.

  • 101:7Al-Qari'ah | The Calamity, 7

    He will be in a happy life.

  • 101:8Al-Qari'ah | The Calamity, 8

    As for him whose weights are light.

  • 101:9Al-Qari'ah | The Calamity, 9

    His destiny is the lowest.

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