49 Al-Hujurat | The Rooms

  • 49:1

    O you who acknowledge, do not advance yourselves before God and His messen-ger. Be aware of God. God is Hearer, Knowledgeable.

  • 49:2

    O you who acknowledge, do not raise your voices above the voice of the prophet, nor shall you speak loudly at him as you would speak loudly to each other, lest your works become nullified while you do not perceive.

  • 49:3

    Surely, those who lower their voices in the presence of the messenger of God, they are the ones whose hearts have been tested by God for righteousness. They have deserved forgiveness and a great recompense.

  • 49:4

    Surely, those who call out to you from behind the private apartments, most of them do not reason.

  • 49:5

    If they had only been patient till you came out to them, it would have been better for them. God is Forgiver, Compassionate.

  • 49:6

    O you who acknowledge, if a wicked person comes to you with any news, then you shall investigate it. Lest you harm a people out of ignorance, then you will become regretful over what you have done.

  • 49:7

    Know that among you is the messenger of God. If he were to obey you in many things, you would be in difficulty. But God made you love acknowledgement and He adorned it in your hearts; He made you hate denial, wickedness, and disobedience. These are the rightly guided ones.

  • 49:8

    Such is the grace from God and a blessing. God is Knowledgeable, Wise.

  • 49:9

    If two parties of those who acknowledge battle with each other, you shall reconcile them; but if one of them aggresses against the other, then you shall fight the one aggressing until it complies with God's command. Once it complies, then you shall reconcile the two groups with justice, and be equitable; for God loves those who are equitable.

  • 49:10

    Those who acknowledge are but brothers; so reconcile between your brothers, and be aware of God, that you may receive mercy.

  • 49:11

    O you who acknowledge, let not a people ridicule other people, for they may be better than them. Nor shall any women ridicule other women, for they may be better than them. Nor shall you mock one another, or call each other names. Evil indeed is the reversion to wickedness after attaining acknowledgement. Anyone who does not repent, then these are the transgressors.

  • 49:12

    O you who acknowledge, you shall avoid much suspicion, for some suspicion is sinful. Do not spy on one another, nor shall you gossip one another. Would one of you enjoy eating the flesh of his dead brother? You certainly would hate this. You shall observe God. God is Redeemer, Compassionate.

  • 49:13

    O people, We created you from a male and female, and We made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Surely, the most honorable among you in the sight of God is the most righteous. God is Knowledgeable, Ever-aware.

  • 49:14

    The Arabs said, "We acknowledge." Say, "You have not acknowledged; but you should say, 'We have peacefully surrendered', for acknowledgement has not yet entered into your hearts." If you obey God and His messenger, He will not put any of your works to waste. God is Forgiver, Compassionate.

  • 49:15

    Those who acknowledge are those who acknowledge God and His messenger, then they do not doubt; they strive with their money and their lives in the cause of God. These are the truthful ones.

  • 49:16

    Say, "Are you teaching God about your system while God knows everything in the heavens and the earth? God is knowledgeable of all things."

  • 49:17

    They think they are doing you a favor by having peacefully surrendered. Say, "Do not think you are doing me any favors by your peacefully surrender. For it is God who is doing you a favor that He has guided you to the acknowledgement, if you are honest."

  • 49:18

    Surely, God knows all the unseen in the heavens and the earth; God is Seer of everything you do.