74 Al-Muddaththir | The Cloaked One

  • 74:1

    O you hidden one.

  • 74:2

    Stand and warn.

  • 74:3

    Your Lord glorify.

  • 74:4

    Your garments purify.

  • 74:5

    Abandon all that is vile.

  • 74:6

    Do not be greedy.

  • 74:7

    To your Lord be patient.

  • 74:8

    So when the trumpet is sounded.

  • 74:9

    That will be a very difficult day.

  • 74:10

    Upon the ingrates it will not be easy.

  • 74:11

    So leave Me alone with the one I have created.

  • 74:12

    I gave him abundant wealth.

  • 74:13

    Children to bear witness.

  • 74:14

    I made everything comfortable for him.

  • 74:15

    Then he wishes that I give more.

  • 74:16

    No. He was stubborn to Our signs.

  • 74:17

    I will exhaust him in climbing.

  • 74:18

    He thought and he analyzed.

  • 74:19

    So woes to him for how he analyzed.

  • 74:20

    Then woe to him for how he analyzed.

  • 74:21

    Then he looked.

  • 74:22

    Then he frowned and scowled.

  • 74:23

    Then he turned away in arrogance.

  • 74:24

    He said, "This is nothing but an impressive magic."

  • 74:25

    "This is nothing but the words of a human."

  • 74:26

    I will cast him in the Saqar.

  • 74:27

    Do you know what Saqar is?

  • 74:28

    It does not spare nor leave anything.

  • 74:29

    Manifest to all the people.

  • 74:30

    On it is nineteen.

  • 74:31

    We have made the guardians of the fire to be angels/controllers; and We did not make their number except as a test for those who have rejected, to convince those who were given the book, to strengthen the acknowledgment of those who have acknowledged, so that those who have been given the book and those who acknowledge do not have doubt, and so that those who have a sickness in their hearts and the ingrates would say, "What did God mean by this example?" Thus God misguides whoever/whomever He wishes, and He guides whoever/whomever He wishes. None knows your Lord's soldiers except Him. It is but a reminder for people.

  • 74:32

    No, by the moon.

  • 74:33

    By the night when it passes.

  • 74:34

    By the morning when it shines.

  • 74:35

    It is one of the great ones.

  • 74:36

    A warning to people.

  • 74:37

    For any among you who wishes to progress or regress.

  • 74:38

    Every person is held by what it earned;

  • 74:39

    Except for the people of the right.

  • 74:40

    In paradises, they will be asking

  • 74:41

    About the criminals.

  • 74:42

    "What has caused you to be in Saqar?"

  • 74:43

    They said, "We were not of those who offered support (or observed contact prayer)."

  • 74:44

    "We did not feed the poor."

  • 74:45

    "We used to participate with those who spoke falsehood."

  • 74:46

    "We used to deny the day of Judgment."

  • 74:47

    "Until the certainty came to us."

  • 74:48

    Thus, no intercession of intercessors could help them.

  • 74:49

    Why did they turn away from this reminder?

  • 74:50

    Like fleeing zebras,

  • 74:51

    Running from the lion?

  • 74:52

    Alas, every one of them wants to be given separate manuscripts.

  • 74:53

    No, they do not fear the Hereafter.

  • 74:54

    No, it is a reminder.

  • 74:55

    Whosoever wishes will take heed.

  • 74:56

    None will take heed except if God wills. He is the source of righteousness and the source of forgiveness.